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Rules & Regulations All Read
07-01-2013, 12:45 AM (This post was last modified: 07-06-2013 11:35 AM by Kman S.)
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Rules & Regulations All Read
In no specific order:

1) This forum is for those who support and/or attend Cars & Coffee Richmond. This mainly includes those who attend C&CR, those who live in cities through out Virginia and enthusiasts from other C&C gatherings. The term "local" will be defined as within the cities of Richmond, Petersburg, VA Beach and Charlottesville. This area is defined based on areas traveled from to attend Cars & Coffee Richmond. Thanks again for your support.

2) Respect: This is especially towards vendors that happen to be in the same field or industry. Respect everyone like you are dealing with them in person or with yourself. We are all adults, the last thing I want to see are adults acting like children by setting up a confrontation at C&CR. That example is like a worse case scenario but we are all mature adults, no cyber thugs aloud!

3) Common Sense: There are rules that will not be written but should be some sort of common sense. For example, in which is border line but will be noted now, mask all curse words. Or argue all you want but without threats. The best example is, if your are not sure then ask (CCRAdmin, Kman S, NeckBreaker and others will be added soon)! We will give you 3 warnings before you will be put in detention for a day.

4) All feedback that is left will be considered but please remember not all feedback can be carried out. Not all issues or matter regarding Cars & Coffee Richmond can be discussed with everyone so please respect that. Decisions for C&CR are always made after research and for the benefit of C&CR at the current moment of time along with a future outlook.

5) No racial or homophobic slurs aloud. It's 2013 and Cars & Coffee Richmond will not be associated with any negativity of this kind. No questions asked. This is your one and only warning!

6) No thread hijacking. In other words, don't start a new non related topic within a thread.

7) Pay attention to the "News & Announcements" section along with any sticky threads in each forum. There may be important information pertaining to the group or forum in them.

8) Moderators are here to make sure that we all are acting like adults. Please respect any of their decisions they make. All actions will be reviewed and can change in a positive or negative light accordingly.

9) Advertising is not permitted. Verified businesses are welcome to post their business information within the local business section. Only one post per company in the local business section and any posts outside of the template given with in the sticky thread will be removed. You must be a sponsor, in order to post ads in the forum. Interested in being a sponsor PM me.

10) Cars & Coffee Richmond is not responsible for any part of the transactions that initiated and\or carried out through this forum or at C&CR.

*More rules may be added or modified at anytime.*

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