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"Holden" aka Chevy SS - LimeyFish - 07-17-2018 08:25 AM

Rare opportunity to pick up a nearly new Chevy SS (Holden) in Royal Peacock Green.

Father-in-Law's dream car is having to be sold due to this retired Navy man's on-going medical issues.

Less than 6k of babied miles on the clock - all the bells and whistles (including a full sized spare on the rather expensive rims in the boot)

He will be in Chesterfield this afternoon at Haley Chevy getting it serviced, if anyone in the Richmond area C&CR is interested drop me an email

or call and leave me a message on my mobile - 804-908-1950

He is most concerned that no tyre burners show up - this is a serious sale and could happen today as he heads back to VB tomorrow afternoon.

Best regards,

Stephen (90' Miata)