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Full Version: Signature?
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I can't for the life of me figure out how to make a signature. I go to "User CP" and it's nowhere to be found under "Edit Profile"... any ideas? Thanks!
Look to the left in the CP window for "Your Profile", hit "edit signature" and type in what you want to add and save it.
Thanks, but there is no "edit signature" showing for me in the left menu under "your profile"... Screen capture attached.
Try a new post I see it on your CP
Trying a new post...

EDIT: no sig. Not a big deal, just thought it might be a glitch that affects others too... If it's there I sure can't find it.
That's weird, I can see it too in the CP. I bet it's some setting Kenny has to change. Maybe he hasn't enabled signatures on vendor accounts.
I'm a vendor? Big Grin Anyway, thanks all. No worries. I just like to "sign" my posts here and everywhere else. (It helps me put faces to names to screen names when others do that, so I try to do the same...)
Yep still won't let me post a signature no matter what I do. And I keep forgetting to 'sign' my posts manually.
Sorry just seeing this. I will take a look later today and see what it is. I haven't changed the settings in a long time. Maybe I did something and didn't realize it.
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