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Full Version: C&CR: Another great gathering
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For a Labor Day weekend, we certainly had a nice showing of great cars today. I had to leave right at 10 but decided to come back and check out the parking lot, since I received a lil negative feedback on something I refused to believe. And I was right! I've spent too much time being a hat about what not to do and I realize that you guys do a great job of taking care of the lot and being respectable to all of the enthusiast that gather. Thank you all for strictly following the rules and guidelines. I really do appreciate it along with the ever lasting support. As I meet more and more of you guys that attend, I must say we have the best group of enthusiast I've ever seen and been around. Granted, I may seem a little out of it when I have spoken with some of you, so my apologies if so. FYI - We are back on schedule next weekend.

We are finalizing the t-shirt sizes and will try to have them on the 20th. We received a lot of positive feedback on the original design (our logo on front across the chest) so we may have some of those shirts in white with black lettering then also. So stay tuned for more information.

We hope everyone enjoys the rest of their holiday weekend. Drive safely!

*****If you are missing a pair of sunglasses, thanks to a good Samaritan, they were found. PM me if you are missing your sunglasses!*****
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