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Full Version: C&CR: Anniversary
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We have a lot of great free gifts to raffle off Saturday. I just set up another off week gathering at Thunderbolt Karts with discounted races for everyone. We have lots of people say they can't attend the current rotation and many others asked for more gatherings so here's another being held at Thunderbolt Karts on Aug. 2nd. More info on other raffle items shortly. Thank you all for your continued support. 3 Years Strong!

Also we have this years shirts in. I just got them today, just in time for tomorrow. These will be $15 a shirt, just pick a color. We will be making some white shirts with the original design in the next few weeks also.
Here's a sneak peek of the front.
[Image: 53750_10203804602252612_2008804796732962970_o.jpg]
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