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Full Version: C&CR: June 28th
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Once again, it was another great turnout for C&CR! I know I wasn't expecting the turnout to be as big as it was. At the previous C&CR, some may have noticed me walking and talking with someone new to C&CR. New in the fact that he's never had time to come out until now. That guy I was speaking to, is the main owner of the lot we gather in. The amount of support and enthusiasm that he expressed was really mind blowing. It was really something great to hear after being chewed out by someone earlier at the gathering.
After the last gathering, I didn't take the time to thank everyone for following the rules and guidelines. I greatly appreciate the maturity of the group for doing so, thank you. Though, we still had a few speeding off on to Broad Street yesterday. With that said, I will give one more final warning...I'm pretty sure you guys saw the cops set up at the edge of the parking lot. I'm not trying to be mean or a hat but this is not just for your own safety but for those around you and most of all for C&CR sake. BTW, whoever the Audi owner is, that decided to take two spots, that's frowned upon in this establishment!
Yearly Anniversary:
As always, we celebrate the anniversary every year and this year it will be July 26th. If you are a supporting business and would like to donate a service, gift card, discount rate etc to the group for us to have apart of the free raffle, please message me. Thanks in advanced, we appreciate it.
C&CR Days, it's basically July so we will be adding another day for this Stay tuned for more information on when and where.
Make Note:
As mentioned before, I enjoy all of the posts/conversations on the C&CR group page. But this isn't your personal page, businesses page or instagram account. Read the page before you post. When in doubt, ask or use our forum ( Not everyone is on Facebook. Stay classy and in a nutshell, this is the C&CR group page. Created in order to keep everyone up to date on the informal gathering and R, standing for Richmond. Enjoy the conversations but don't go too far off topic.
Special thanks to all of the avid attendees and a special welcome to all of our new attendees. Thanks to everyone for their continued support!
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