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Full Version: C&CR: A great gathering!
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It was another great C&CR this weekend! Special thanks to all of the great photographers for sharing their pics of the group. It's amazing how there's never a pic the same. I'm also excited and anxious to see all of the great video that was taken this week. Thanks to everyone for their continued support. A HUGE thanks goes to Rob Langley of Outback Steak House for the generous donation of our new C&CR signs. We were in great need of a way to express our rules and guidelines so everyone will know. Again thank you Rob for the generous donation. I also want to thank Jon and Zach of NASA for the donation of the cones. These both have been a great help, thanks.
I would like to thank everyone for following our rules and guidelines. We have a few still speeding off down Broad St though. I don't know how else to express the importance of these rules and guidelines but if we do not follow these, I will end C&CR indefinitely. The safety of others means too much to us.
Today I found out Raleigh's C&C has ended. I'm starting to see a trend that we are trying to avoid. No more warnings. These rules are made so we can continue holding this gathering. If you don't want to follow them, that tells me you don't want C&CR to stay around so you are not welcome and certainly are not mature enough for this gathering. I will be contacting Henrico Police each week. No more warnings. If you would like to help police this issue, please feel free to take video and share with the local law enforcement.
You guys wanted more C&CR so you got it. Over the summer we will be holding one more gathering once a month on the off weekends, starting next Saturday! We will be gathering on Southside at the new Thunderbolt Indoor Karting facility. Groups of 10 will receive a discount rate of $12 a race but again you must register with a group of 10. And we will be looking for the fastest time, currently the time to beat is 19.327. More info to come. Thanks again for all of the great support! And welcome the start of C&CR Days.
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