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Full Version: Quoting Pictures
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A nifty idea would be to change the [ img ][ /img ] tags to url tags in quotes to save us from scrolling so much. If we need to see the picture again we can just click...

Just makes life easier on a tablet and uses less bandwidth...
Elaborate a little more one this. I have an idea but not too sure exactly what you mean. Kal, gave me code to resize images but I've been a bit busy to add the code, if that is somewhat what you mean.
Post #1 has 10 pictures
Another user clicks quote on post #1
Forum sees images in quotes and changes img tags to url tags when post #2 is being created.
That way 10 pictures aren't on the same page twice unless someone takes the effort to change the tags back.
Oooooh I think I see what you are saying. Let me think about that. There may be a mod I can download for it too. Good thought.
While there is no official mod for it and whatever codes out there are dated, I cooked something up and currently testing. Good call!
You're my hero!
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