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Best Place to Show
Off Your Ride
Cars & Coffee Richmond (C&CR) flourished within the first year and was awarded the title of "Best Place to Show Off Your Ride". "Used to be the Starbucks in the River Road Shopping Center, north of the Huguenot Bridge. There, every other Saturday morning, you’d find auto enthusiasts of all kinds — parking, grabbing some coffee and hanging around to admire the shiny refurbished oldies, the gleaming muscle cars, the clever accessories..."

For Mature Enthusiasts
Welcome to the Cars & Coffee Richmond official website. Questions dealing with finding our great group of enthusiasts was asked often. Not everyone is capable of joining our Facebook group and often asked if there was a website or a forum that everyone is apart of so they can communicate with everyone. You asked and here is my attempt to deliver. Please carry the great conversations you had or did not get to finish at C&CR here. But please remember there are rules to the forum that you need to followed! Profile pics must have your car in it!

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C&CR Banner by Michael Lee C&CR Banner by Michael Lee

Caravan to Great Falls, VA
C&C is an international informal car show that happens every where there's true car enthusiast. Within a short distance there's a C&C gathering in Great Falls, Williamsburg, Charlottesville, VA Beach and a few other places. We often support one of these other C&C gatherings in smaller groups.                                          More Videos
The People of C&CR Questionaire
Without the great enthusiast all through out Richmond and the neighboring cities, C&CR wouldn't be what it is today. One of the best aspects of C&CR are the actual people who attend C&CR. Let's take a closer look at the people of C&CR. If you are interested, please follow the link below to the little questionaire

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CCR People
The People of C&CR
What's your name?
Kenny Holder
What's the year, make and model of your car(s)?
2007 Porsche Cayman S, Porsche 951
Why did you select this particular car?
I've had a love for Porsche since I've been in elementary school. I always said I would own a Porsche 1 day and now I do. I own two now!
Are there any modifications or upgrades that you have done to the car(s)?
Cayman: Fabspeed Exhaust, aftermarket duck wing, plati-dipped several areas in black for accents. 944: Racing Chip, Cup Clutch, 4" Lyndsay Racing Exhaust, Lightened Flywheel (engine is built from several 944's).
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